WEBCC Cadets

WEBCC History

Wilbert E. Burgie founded the Cadet Corp in 1946 under the name of the Minsink Cadet Corps, and was deactivated in the late 90's.  Leon R. Frank Chief Executive Officer of the WEBCC a Special Forces Officer in the U.S. Army who retired after serving 34 years of distinguished service in 2009, and returning back to his community to reactivate the Cadet Corps.  Leon's first experience with the Cadet Corps was in 1964 under the direction and leadership of Mr. Burgie who afforded him many opportunities and experiences designed to instill the values of citizenship, service, and personal responsibilities in its cadets as well as providing him with a sense of accomplishment.  

After much thought it was decided to reactivate the Cadet Corps and with a dedicated group of former Cadets, along with members of the Pen & Scroll Organization, the Order of the Feather, and Tapawingo Honor Society, all members of the Camp Minisink experience, who still belived that our youth of today need to be encouraged; providing them with guidance and leadership, help build their self-confidence and self esteem, to provide our emerging future leaders with effective leadership and problem solving training opportunities, and to inculcate a spirit of effective, positive service to their communities and to man-kind in general, is needed and needed NOW!

January 1, 2011 the Corp was reactivated under the name of its founder Wilbert E. Burgie Cadet Corps.

Leon R. Frank
Chief Executive Officer 

Brenda M. Francis
Chief Operating Officer